Motorsport Safety

Whether our participants aspire to ride and drive in the tyre tracks of Australia’s motorsport greats on the international and national stage or to simply race on any weekend at a local motorsport club somewhere in Australia, they deserve to be represented by credible, internationally affiliated national peak bodies that are able to contribute to and draw upon the global expertise of International Federations so that Australian motorsport can continue to offer world’s best practice racing experiences with safety, fairness and integrity at its core for all who choose to participate in it.

The AMC member bodies control, regulate, supervise, promote, licence, permit, insure, develop and manage the
overwhelming majority of motorsport in Australia.

The Board plays the leadership role in:

1. Identifying and addressing issues that impact the interests of the member bodies.

2. Unifying the resources and passion of the member bodies to better understand and harness the economic, political and social significance of motorsport.

3. Representing and advocating the interests of the member bodies and their stakeholders to governments and other relevant bodies – both in Australia and overseas.

4. Continuing to develop and grow motorsport beyond the existing levels of participation.

5. Improving and promoting the safety and innovative developments directly attributable to motorsport.

In any sport, it is essential to have sound, well thought out rules that regulate its conduct. This is particularly important in all forms of motorsport, where safety is vital for participants and spectators.

One of the core objectives of AMC’s member bodies is to develop and apply the rules and regulations of the sport to ensure that motorsport is always conducted with the highest possible levels of safety and integrity.

In addition to our National Competition Rules, we devote countless hours, years of experience and knowledge garnered from Australian sources and our international affiliations to develop, implement and enforce policies that are designed to keep participants in motorsport as safe as possible.