National Recognition

Australian Sports Commission

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is the Australian government agency tasked with fostering and financing sport across all levels.

Founded in 1985 and operating under the stipulations of the Australian Sports Commission Act 1989, the ASC also adheres to the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013.

A Board of Commissioners, appointed by the Minister of Sport, governs the ASC. This Board is in charge of defining the ASC’s overall path, deciding on the distribution of resources and policy for specific delegated decisions, and is answerable to the Minister for Sport.

Its mission is to enhance participation in sports and ensure sustained success on the international stage. The ASC achieves this by leading and developing the sports sector, providing targeted financial aid, and managing the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).

The ASC recognises eligible National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) and National Sporting Organisations for People with Disability. Recognised NSOs are organisations that the ASC supports to achieve the Australian Government’s sporting objectives.

NSO recognition is an important function undertaken by the ASC.


Organisations recognised as an NSO have met the ASC recognition criteria, which assist the ASC in determining whether an organisation is considered the pre-eminent body for the sport they represent in Australia, has sufficient standing within its sport and has adequate governance.

The ASC will not recognise more than one NSO for a sport.

Motorcycling Australia is recognised by the Australian Sports Commission as the NSO for 2-wheel motorsport. Motorsport Australia is recognised by the Australian Sports Commission as the NSO for 4-wheel motorsport. Both federations receive funding support from Sport Australia.

Karting Australia, the Australian National Drag Racing Association and Speedway Australia govern the specific divisions of 4-wheel motorsport – Karting, Drag Racing and Speedway under authorisation of the General Assembly of the FIA through formal agreements of delegation of sporting power and general authority to control, regulate, supervise administer and promote their respective division of 4-wheel motorsport from Motorsport Australia.

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National Sports Tribunal

The National Sports Tribunal (NST) was established by the National Sports Tribunal Act 2019 (the Act), which commenced on 19 March 2020.

The NST is a key element of the Government’s comprehensive sport integrity strategy Safeguarding the Integrity of Sport – delivered in response to the 2018 Review of Australia’s Sports Integrity Arrangements (known as the Wood Review).

The NST hears and resolves national-level sporting disputes in Australia.

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Sport Integrity Australia

The Australian Government established Sport Integrity Australia (SIA) to cohesively draw together and develop existing sport integrity capabilities, knowledge and expertise and to coordinate all elements of a sport integrity threat response nationally including prevention, monitoring and detection, investigation and enforcement. Sport Integrity Australia provides a single point of contact for athletes, sporting organisations, law enforcement bodies and other stakeholders for matters relating to sports integrity.

Sport Integrity Australia is established to prevent and address threats to sports integrity and to coordinate a national approach to matters relating to sports integrity in Australia, with a view to:

  • achieving fair and honest sporting performances and outcomes
  • promoting positive conduct by athletes, administrators, officials, supporters and other stakeholders, on and off the sporting arena
  • achieving a safe, fair and inclusive sporting environment at all levels
  • enhancing the reputation and standing of sporting contests and of sport overall.

The National Sports Tribunal Act 2019 and the Sport Integrity Australia Act define National Sporting Organisation in respect of Australia as “a sporting organisation that is recognised by the International Sporting Federation that has international control over the sport as being the organisation responsible for administering the affairs of the sport, or of a substantial part or section of the sport, in Australia.”

Accordingly, the five constituent Federations are recognised by Federal legislation.

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