Our Purpose

To provide a credible united voice and effective advocacy for Australian motorsport.

One of the major matters that are of concern to different governments right now, the sum of our collective voice far exceeds the four individual parts. As a unified, qualified collective of professional motorsport bodies we can achieve so much more.

Our members are all not-for-profit, member-based organisations that represent more than 335,000 participants and over 1000 clubs.

The AMC members, acting on under authority from International Federations in accordance with the highest standards of rules, policies and procedures ensure that motorsport in Australia is conducted in the safest and fairest possible way.

Motorsport Australia (along with its delegates – Karting Australia, Speedway Australia and the Australian National Drag Racing Association) and Motorcycling Australia are the motorsport National Sporting Organisations recognised by the Federal Government.

For many different reasons, motorsport has long been misunderstood – by the sporting world, by governments at all levels and by many in the media.

There has never been a more important time for motorsport in Australia to speak with a united voice about the need for good governance, integrity and an uncompromised focus on safety in motorsport that is supplemented by the highest levels of motorsport specific insurance.

AMC members proudly offer and provide the highest standards and values in Australian Motorsport for safety, risk management and mitigation, integrity, competition regulation, event structures, officiating – the first line of protection for all participants. They also offer the highest standards of motorsport specific insurance and the highest levels of cover that is currently in use in Australian motorsport.

Our affiliated Associations and Clubs can rely on them, governments and regulators can and should rely on them.

Understanding the complexities of motorsport is much more challenging than understanding the regulatory requirements and compliance regime of most other sports where an oval inspection, a set of goal post pads and sport-based insurance is largely sufficient for the safety and welfare of officials, participants and spectators.

Where there is an absence of International Federation affiliation and delegated responsibilities that demand the application of the highest standards of rules, and safety, it is the unfortunate reality that lesser safety and integrity standards and lower value insurance cover can start to become the norm for some alternate “regulators.”

If the lesser standards become recognised by government, this unwittingly creates unacceptable risk for motorsport participants that the AMC holds, can and should be easily avoided.

The peak motorsport bodies control, regulate, supervise, promote, licence, permit, insure, develop and manage most motorsport participants and events in Australia.

The Board plays the leadership role in:

1. Identifying and addressing issues that impact the interests of the member bodies.

2. Unifying the resources and passion of the member bodies to harness the economic, political and social significance of motorsport.

3. Representing the interests of the member bodies and their stakeholders to governments and other relevant bodies – both in Australia and overseas.

4. Continuing to develop and grow motorsport beyond the existing levels of participation. Improving and promoting the safety and innovative developments directly attributable to motorsport.