Parliamentary Friends Of Motorsport

The Parliamentary Friends of Motorsport has been established with the aim of fostering opportunities and discussions with members of the Federal and State Parliaments.

The group recognises the significant role that motorsports play in Australian society and seeks to promote and enhance the motorsports sector.

Motorsports have long been an integral part of Australian culture, shaping its identity for decades. As the landscape of motor racing is expected to undergo significant changes in the coming years, the group is delighted to have the support of their colleagues in Parliament to aid in the development of the sport, particularly at the grassroots level.

The formation of the Parliamentary Friends of Motorsport is an initiative of the Australian Motorsport Council, which includes representatives from Motorsport Australia, Karting Australia, Motorcycling Australia, Australian National Drag Racing Association, and Speedway Australia.

The establishment of this group opens up significant opportunities for motorsport in Australia. It serves as a platform for discussions and considerations at the federal government level, addressing crucial topics such as the significance of existing and future permanent motorsport facilities across the country.

Motorsport plays a vital role in the Australian economy, as highlighted by a recent EY study, which estimated its total gross output to be $8.6 billion annually. Every weekend, thousands of participants and volunteers engage in various motorsport events, ranging from club hill climbs and state karting competitions to circuit racing, drag racing, and Speedway events. Motorsports are thriving, attracting enthusiastic crowds and leaving a positive impact on local communities.

The AMC extends its gratitude to all members of the Federal Parliament for their ongoing support. Their involvement and collaboration ensure the continued growth and success of motorsport in Australia.

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