Infrastructure And Participation Strategy – Victoria


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The Victorian Motorsport Infrastructure and Participation Strategy Overview has been completed thanks to the support of the Victorian Government.

Covering four-wheeled motorsport, motorcycling, drag racing and karting and involving the sport’s various governing bodies across Victoria, the Strategy has taken a forensic look into the current state of the sport and what opportunities lie ahead to help grow all forms of motorsport.

Examining the existing facilities and participation at Motorsport venues across the state, the Strategy has also outlined key recommendations to improve access to motorsport venues and increase participation.

There are significant opportunities to grow the sport, with the document presented to the Victorian Government for consideration and to highlight the areas in Victoria where further support may be required.

Included in the document is a recommendation for the development of a new ‘Home of Victorian Motorsport’ as currently there is limited capacity to hold motorsport events in Victoria, threatening all levels of participation across the state.

More than 28,000 people in Victoria currently participate in motorsport, while the sport also draws a significant audience of spectators to a wide range of international, national and local events held in the state.

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Eugene Arocca
Motorsport Australia CEO

“We are thrilled with the release of the Victorian Motorsport Infrastructure and Participation Strategy Overview and see it as a very important step in preparing for motorsport’s future in this state,” Arocca said.

“We are extremely grateful for the Victorian Government’s ongoing commitment to motorsport and for its support in preparing this Strategy.

“This Strategy clearly defines what the sport needs in Victoria and how the sport, across all disciplines, can grow further.

“Motorsport is a significant contributor to the Victorian economy and providing more opportunities to participate, whether as a competitor or official, will continue to have a positive impact on the state.

“I can also assure you we are speaking regularly with other State and Territory Governments to see how we can work with them to identify similar opportunities across the country.”

Motorcycling Australia CEO Peter Doyle:
“The Victorian Motorsport Infrastructure and Participation Strategy Overview offers all stakeholders the opportunity to take a top-down view of what it will take to secure a better future for all involved,” Doyle said.

“If we are to grow in a sustainable and sensible manner, then this strategy provides the framework upon which to build our future.

“We know that our sport makes a significant contribution to the economy, and this is especially noticeable in the regional areas we often visit.

“Thanks to the Victorian Government for backing this important document.”

Robert Mestrom
Motorcycling Victoria CEO

“The continued support of Motorcycling and Motorsport by the Victorian Government shows a recognition of the huge benefits that these sports bring to the state, this Motorsport Infrastructure and Participation Strategy will support planning and guide investment decision making that will ensure that the sport of Motorcycling continues to grow and be an important part of many Victorians lives in the future,” Mestrom said.

“We thank the Victorian Government for this confidence in our sports.

“This report has highlighted the need for an improvement in Victoria of many of our Motorsport facilities which is an extension of the recent dedicated motorsport funding of the last couple of years.

“I look forward the many exciting projects that this Strategy will bring for our members.”

Nathan Peirano
Australian National Drag Racing Association Chair

“We continue our gratitude to the Victorian Government and their commitment to all Motorsport in Victoria,” Peirano said.

“With the publishing of the Victorian Motorsport and Participation Strategy Overview, brings the strategy of all of motorsport in Victoria under the one umbrella for the first time.”

“The publication of this document is a benchmark nationally that we will be presenting to other State Governments to reinforce the important contributions that Motorsport does make.”

Kelvin O’Reilly
Karting Australia CEO

“This is an important piece of work that has been a long time coming,” O’Reilly said.

“Quality motorsport facilities have a direct correlation to participation in every discipline of motorsport, no matter whether it is Karting, circuit racing on two or four wheels, off road racing, hill climb, motocross or drag racing.

“The Victorian government leads the country with its support of grassroot motorsport. A number of our Karting Clubs have benefited recently.

“They clearly understand the enormous economic impact that motorsports at all levels and of all disciplines create, that it is not just the big events but all of motorsport that fills most weekends throughout the year.

“This report identifies the need for government and private enterprise investment in infrastructure to ensure that Oscar Piastri, Karting Australia and Karting Victoria’s latest graduate to the ranks of Formula 1, is the first of many Victorians to compete on the world’s biggest motorsport stage this century.”

Russell White
Karting Victoria State President

“We are thankful for the Victorian Government’s support for the Motorsport Infrastructure and Participation Strategy,” White said.

“This project has identified opportunities for Karting in Victoria and will position the sport well into the future.”