Ensuring Integrity In Motorsport

Sporting integrity is more than a concept; it is a driving force that sustains the credibility, enjoyment, and inspirational value of our sports.

The task of nurturing integrity in motorsport is a shared responsibility. As we collectively steer our sports towards a future defined by fairness and respect, we call upon every member of our community to champion these values. Together, we will ensure that Australian motorsport remains a symbol of passion, perseverance, and integrity, both on and off the track.

Drawing inspiration from the ethos of the FIA, FIM, SIA and ANST, we recognise integrity as the cornerstone of motorsport. Our collective position firmly opposes any misconduct, such as doping, illicit drug use, match-fixing, corruption, or any form of unfair advantage. We pledge to disseminate this ethos throughout all echelons of our sports, from grassroots initiatives to professional circuits.

We are dedicated to building an environment where every stakeholder – drivers, riders, officials, sponsors, fans, and support staff – embraces and promotes a culture of integrity. This commitment to integrity will create a level playing field and maintain the credibility of our sports, fostering trust and respect within the motorsport community.

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