Position Statements & Advocacy

There has never been a more important time for motorsport in Australia to speak with a united voice about the need for good governance, integrity and an uncompromised focus on safety in motorsport that is supplemented by the highest levels of motorsport specific insurance.

Our initial policy and advocacy priorities are:


To advocate to all State and Federal Governments and to work with the Australian insurance industry to establish minimum standards of Liability and Personal Accident Insurance coverage for the benefit of all motorsport participants.


To advocate to State Governments that whenever they decide to recognise a motorsport sanctioning body, as a SSO or for any other purpose, they should apply a recognition criterion for those bodies that is similar to the ‘Sport Australia NSO Recognition Criteria’ including but not limited to that the organisation seeking recognition:

  • Is recognised as the pre-eminent organisation in Australia by an International Federation which is a member of Global Association of International Sports Federations.
  • Is the pre-eminent organisation taking responsibility for the development of the sport in Australia and is accountable at the national level for providing its members with technically and ethically sound sports programs, policies and services.
  • The organisation is not for profit and preferably has been a company limited by guarantee for a minimum of three years.
  • Has produced financial statements and annual reports in accordance with their legal requirements for the past three reporting periods.
  • Can demonstrate it has a national influence for the sport through active members or affiliate bodies working in cohesion and adhere to a strategic direction set by the national entity.
  • The organisation is accountable at the national level for establishing and enforcing the key policies that underpin integrity in their sport, including an enforceable Member Protection Policy and an enforceable and current anti-doping policy compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code.
  • Can demonstrate it is the single national entity representing all forms of the sport in Australia from grass roots/community through to high performance.

To do otherwise will lead to sub-standard outcomes to the detriment of the motorsport community and the general public.


To advocate to all motorsport stakeholders and governments that the growth of profit based, selfproclaimed ‘sanctioning bodies’ that are prepared to approve lower standards in the way of safety standards, risk management, sports integrity and cheap insurance poses a significant and growing risk for motorsport.


To advocate to all governments to provide infrastructure, training and operations and safety grants to grassroots motorsport (as the Victorian Government has recently announced) so that our largely self-funded Clubs that have historically developed the very expensive infrastructure needed for motorsport, can continue to grow and develop.