Australian Motorsport Council New Website Launched

The Australian Motorsport Council (AMC) is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website, marking a significant milestone for the motorsport advocacy body in Australia. As the representative body for Australia’s peak national motorsport regulatory entities across motor racing, motorcycle racing, karting, speedway, and drag racing, the AMC provides an unmatched, credible, and united voice for Australian motorsport.

Eugene Arocca, CEO of Motorsport Australia, commented, “With over 1000 affiliated Motorsport Clubs and more than 335,000 active participants, the AMC’s credibility comes from its constituent bodies’ direct national performance and adherence to international standards.

The AMC is a pillar of unity and collaboration in the motorsport world. Its online presence will significantly boost our reach and capacity to communicate effectively with our community, stakeholders, and the government.”

Peter Doyle, CEO of Motorcycling Australia, said, “This isn’t just a website. It’s a platform that showcases the power of collective action. With the AMC, we are better positioned than ever to address challenges and harness the vast potential of Australian motorsport.”

Kelvin O’Reilly, CEO of Karting Australia, added, “The Council’s central tenet is to advocate that all groups in motorsport adhere to world-class safety standards, governed by rules and policies that guarantee utmost integrity and fairness.”

Darren Tindall, CEO of Speedway Australia, highlighted, “Unity is paramount. The AMC provides that much-needed platform to discuss, strategize, and address the issues that concern our motorsport community.”

Tim McAvaney, CEO of ANDRA added, “Motorsport has complexities that often go unnoticed by many. Through the AMC and our consolidated digital presence, we aim to raise awareness and ensure motorsport’s rightful place in the broader sports landscape.”

Key points about the AMC:

Unparalleled Representation: The AMC members are non-profit organisations representing over 1,000 affiliated Motorsport Clubs, 460 Licenced Racetracks, and more than 335,000 active participants.

Global Standards: Affiliated with International motorsport Federations, the AMC assures adherence to the highest global standards, from grassroots to the international level in Australia.

Safety First: Integrity and safety in motorsport are paramount. The AMC advocates that regulation and sanctioning be handled by legitimate, not-for-profit, member-based bodies with International Motorsport Federation affiliations.

United for Greater Impact: The combined voice of AMC’s member organisations is influential and essential, especially in times of rapidly evolving regulatory environments. Motorsport in Australia requires clear governance, impeccable integrity, and an uncompromised focus on safety, now more than ever.

The Fight for Standards: The AMC ensures that all affiliated Associations and Clubs receive the best in motorsport specific insurance and safety standards, offering protection to all participants.

The new AMC website will serve as a vital hub for information, resources, and advocacy efforts as the Council continues to champion the interests of motorsport in Australia.
For more information or to access current Position Statements, visit the Australian Motorsport Council’s website at

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